Four Types of Bags a Woman Should Keep

In the closet of every woman, there are a gazillion bags. Among these bags are those that they use everyday, for the gym, for night outs, for formal events, and for casual days. If you’re a woman who wants to declutter your closet, keep in mind these four types of bags you should keep.


The Everyday Work Bag

This is usually a medium-sized bag that fits all the work things someone owns, like a planner and a pencil case. Since this is something a woman uses everyday, this should have a classic signature look that matches almost all of your business outfits. An example of an everyday work bag is a black leather handbag that can transform into a sling bag if you wanna go hands free.


The Cross-Body Bag

If you have this, don’t give it away. This is for all the casual days where you can pull off a dressed down or lazy outfit and go run errands or something. A cross body bag is usually a small-medium sized bag which isn’t meant to be so heavy for you be carrying around. This type of bag is the best accessory to give off that casual laid-back vibe you’re going for. To give it a classic/sophisticated edge, wear an amazon sterling silver earrings and a simple silver necklace too.


The Night Clutch

For evening spent with bottles of wine or nights out with the girls, an evening clutch paired with an elegant one piece jumpsuit is your best friend. A small-sized bag which can fit your night out essentials: phone, lipstick and a little cash or your credit card. Choose a classic clutch bag that can stand for itself, and make you stand out as well.


The Big Tote

For days when you’re going on a roadtrip or have a full day activity which requires you to bring a lot of stuff, a tote bag is a woman’s hero. It’s usually big and roomy perfect to fit all of that beach essentials or all the extra clothes for that whole day photoshoot. For beach day tote bags, it’s best to keep a tote that’s made from straw for a tropical style to your look. For a long day, keep a light weight bag so as not to add extra weight to all the stuff you have to bring.